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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Safety Laboratory

1. Report all accidents regardless of how minor to your teacher.
2. Work in the lab only when the teacher is present or when you have permission to do so.
3. Never indulge in horseplay or behavior that could lead to injury of others.
4. Before beginning work in lab, clean the lab bench top and your glassware.
5. Use goggles and lab aprons when instructed to do so.
6. Due to the dangers of broken glass and corrosive liquid spills in the lab, open sandals or bare feet are not permitted in the lab.
7. Learn the location and proper usage of the eyewash fountain, fire extinguisher, safety shower, fire alarm box, office intercom button, evacuation routes, clean-up brush and dust pan, glass/chemical disposal can.
8. For minor skin burns, immediately plunge the burned area into cold water and notify the teacher.
9. If you get any chemical in your eye, immediately wash the eye with the eye-wash fountain and notify the teacher.
10. Never look directly into a test tube. View the contents from the side.
11. Never smell a material in a test tube or flask directly. Instead, with your hand, "fan" some of the fumes to your nose carefully.
12. Immediately notify the teacher of any chemical spill and clean up the spill as directed.
13. Never take chemical stock bottles to the lab benches.
14. Use equipment only as directed:
    a. never place chemicals directly on the pan balances. b. use glycerin when inserting glass tubing into rubber stoppers. c. be cautious of glassware that has been heated. d. add boiling chips to liquid that is to be heated before heating. e. point test tubes that are being heated away from you and others.
15. Never taste any material in the lab
16. Food, drink and gum are prohibited in lab.
17. Never add water to concentrated acid solutions. The heat generated may cause spattering. Instead, as you stir, add the acid slowly to water.
18. Read the label on chemical bottles at least twice before using the chemical. Many chemicals have names that are easily confused.
19. Return all lab materials and equipment to their proper places after use.
20. Upon completion of work, wash and dry all equipment, your lab bench and your clean-up area.

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